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Meet Sayantika

Sayantika created this design to reflect the SBC mission and the vision of the Karen Evon scholarship fund. Here is a little blurb about the design: "The design is showing ‘a drop of milk protecting a mother and child’, it shows how valuable and nutritional every drop of milk is for the growth and development of a healthy baby. The design also depicts how a drop of milk connects the mother and child emotionally and physically. This design portrays ‘koala hold’ in purple, one of the comfortable positions while feeding a baby."


SBC Tshirt Design WInner FINAL_edited.png

Artist Bio

Sayantika holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Since childhood, she has shown a keen interest towards painting and took art as an extracurricular activity throughout her academics. She believes ‘Art is limitless’ and feels blessed to continue her journey as an artist and devote herself to her passion. Her artworks are themed on depicting an individual and expressing an untold story. She mainly works with ink, pen and watercolors. 

To see more of her work check out her Instagram.



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