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This project has been put on hold.  We will announce when this award will become available.

The Sacramento Breastfeeding Coalition (SBC) Lifetime Achievement Award is for breastfeeding professionals and advocates in the greater Sacramento area who have demonstrated impact in the following areas:                    

  • Community Impact

  • Breastfeeding Equity

  • Outreach & Advocacy

  • Breastfeeding Education

  • Advancement of the Human Lactation Field

All candidates will be scored using the following rubric:


Submission Deadline: 12/31/2021 at 11:59pm PST

Submission Review: 01/03/2022-02/07/2022

Submitters & Winner Notified: 02/17/2022

Winner Publically Announced: 03/02/2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can nominate?

How is a winner decided?

Can a member of the SBC board nominate someone?

How is voting decided?

Can more than one person nominate the same person?

Can a person win the SBC Lifetime Achievement Award more than once?

Can I join the voting panel?

When was the SBC Lifetime Achievement Award established?

Does the awardee receive anything for winning?

When will nominations be accepted?

When will the winner be notified?

Does the winner need to be present at the mixer to win?

What if I have questions not covered in this FAQ?

Anyone can nominate; you do not need to be an SBC member.

Self-nominations are also allowed.

Yes. If a member of the SBC Board nominates someone, that person will need to recuse themselves from evaluating submissions. The SBC Board needs a minimum of 3 board members to evaluate nominations.

A scoring rubric has established and is published on our website for the public to view. (above)

SBC Board will vote on submissions/nominations.

Yes. If a person is nominated more than once all the supporting documentation will be used to evaluate the submission as a whole.

No. Once a person wins the SBC Lifetime Achievement Award they are not eligible to win another time.

The voting panel only consists of SBC Board members. To see if there are any board vacancies, check out our Board Positions page.

The SBC Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2021 but we have yet to award our first receipient.

Yes. The SBC Lifetime Achievement Award winner will be honored at our annual IBCLC Day mixer event, on nationally recognized IBCLC Day. More details on this to come.

We have not determined when nominations will open.

We have not determined a timetable to resume this award.

No. We hope to have the award winner available for the mixer to receive this award and to be honored for all of their work but it is not mandatory.

Please e-mail with SBC Lifetime Achievement Award mentioned in the ‘subject line.’

Updated 10/22/21

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